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Niche Market Insurers (NMI) is a national life insurance marketing organization. At NMI, we specialize in helping life insurance agents and agencies, identify and successfully sell in "under served" niche markets.  Our primary goal is to provide unparalleled support and services to agents licensed through our organization. Every day at Niche Market Insurers, we introduce agents to "niche marketing opportunities" while providing them with readily available lead programs.  The results for our agents?

More Clients - More Income - More Referrals

Niche Market Insurers

Niche Market Insurers is one of the fastest growing life insurance marketing organizations in the industry today.  You may know us or have heard of us as Life4Diabetes over the past few years and this is a testament to our success in

Target your life insurance niche market with Niche Market Insurersdeveloping our first niche market.  Since 2011 we have experienced tremendous growth when we started the Life Insurance For Diabetics niche market and we wanted to continue the trend and direction of our company, so we formally changed our corporate name to Niche Market Insurers Agency, Inc.

Our mission is really quite simple.  We want to connect insurance agents to consumers through our specialized niche marketing approach, by developing proprietary lead and marketing strategies that are easy to implement, cost effective, and that are properly vetted by us personally.  

Yes, that is correct all of our home office team is still currently in the field building our book of business the same way you are.

We will not ask you to invest in something that we haven't invested in ourselves. You will not find another life insurance marketing organization in the industry today that is more focused on the success of its agents than us.  

Life Insurance Marketing

One of our specialties at Niche Market Insurers is developing innovative life insurance marketing programs that are simple and effective for agents.  We do this by identifying under served niches and connecting agents to those niches through these marketing programs.

Life Insurance Leads

Life Insurance leads are the life blood of the industry.  Most agents need the support of leads to survive in this business.  But how do you navigate through the hundreds of lead vendors in the market?  There are a lot of crooks in lead generation business.  Niche Market Insurers has tested and developed relationships with select life insurance lead vendors so that you can rest assured that you will be purchasing leads from reputable vendors.  We leverage our volume purchasing discount to pass on savings to you.  In all cases you are purchasing leads at much lower prices than you could if you were purchasing them direct from the vendors them selves.

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