Super Bowl Squares Picture

Super Bowl Squares Sales Contest

Our January 2018 sales contest is now live. We are hosting a Super Bowl Squares Sales contest. This contest will be for all applications written between January 1 - January 31, 2018. For every application that you write that issues and pays by the deadline, you will receive one Super Bowl square. Each game board is worth $1000.00 and we will fill up as many game boards as applications that are written.

Prize Payouts:

  • $200 for quarters 1, 2, and 3.
  • $400 for the 4th quarter.

Super Bowl Squares Rules:

  • We will assign the squares in the order that we enter them into our production tracker.
  • The NFC Team will be along the horizontal and the AFC Team will be along the vertical.
  • On game day we will randomly assign numbers 0-9 for the NFC and AFC side.
  • The winners of each quarter are determined by the last digit in each team's score and which square they intersect at. If you own that square you are the winner.

The MORE applications you submit, the higher your chances are of winning!

Contest Rules:

  • Sales contest is for issued and paid business written between January 1 - 31, 2018 with Foresters, Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, and Royal Neighbors, United Home Life and Prosperity Life.
  • You will receive 1 square for each application you write. If you write 20 apps, you will have 20 squares.
  • If you have unsecured debt with NMI at the time of redemption, NMI has the right to delay your bonus prize until your unsecured debt is paid off.
  • Applications that are written on the agent, agent’s immediate family, and controlled business are not eligible.
  • All interpretations of the rules will be by NMI.
  • The agent must be in good standing and within the acceptable business quality rules for each carrier.
  • Contest winners will be announced during the Super Bowl on February 4, 2018.
December Finish Strong Sales Contest

During the month of December, Niche Market Insurers hosted a December Finish Strong Sales Contest and the raffle prize was a 50-inch Ultra HD 4K TV. To be entered into the contest drawing all you had to do was submit one life insurance application. Agents that wrote multiple applications had multiple entries into the drawing pool. Watch as Rich Warren and Dan Shear revealed the winner in a live drawing!