Agent Resource Center

We have several essential tools available for agents to utilize to help the process of doing business. We want to make sure you have as many resources available at your disposal so you don't have to go out and pay for them yourself. Our agent resource center is packed with sales and training resources to help you perfect your craft, quoting tools to make it easier for you to accurately quote your clients, sales and marketing ideas to help you prospect, and hours of recorded training videos that you can watch at your leisure.

What's In The Agent Resource Center

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Quoting Resources

At Niche Market Insurers, we have several online quoting resources available to our agents to help get accurate quotes for your clients. Click through any of the links below to use the agent tools we have available in our Agent Resource Center. (These tools require a valid login).

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Lead Sources Available

We understand that leads are the lifeblood of the insurance industry and most agents want to work leads. We have secured exclusive discounts with our preferred lead vendors to bring you better prices than you could get buying direct. Each lead vendor we have listed has been properly vetted to make sure they aren't crooks or fly by night lead generation companies. We have vendors that provide leads at all price points to fit any agent's budget.

Click the links below to learn more about the different types of leads we have:

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Training Resources

We have several online training resources available for our agents to use. Prerecorded audio and video training to help in your sales development as an insurance agent. These resources will help you with getting into more homes, presenting while you are in the home and post sale follow up. When it comes to your business as an independent life insurance agent we want to make sure you know how to manage your business from start to finish.

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Webinar Training

Live webinar training is a staple to any successful insurance career. You have to be willing to invest the time in educating yourself on sales techniques, carrier and product knowledge, and just insurance training in general. Whether you are doing this via our live webinars or through webinars the carriers are hosting, it is an essential key to your success. You also have access to our library of webinar archives that we've conducted over the years.

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Sales and Marketing Resources

We have several sales and marketing resources available to help you prospect for more potential clients. Flyers, banners, signs, surveys and many more materials are available to you in our agent resource center.


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