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Get Accurate Quotes For All Your Clients

We have several quoting resources available to you. We subscribe to iPipeline and FexQuotes. We also have some recommended 3rd party tools that you may be interested in.

  • Final Expense Life Insurance Quotes through FexQuotes will give you the accurate final expense, simplified issue, and guaranteed issue rates for your clients. All of the carriers that you see in our quoter are available to you. So if you find that you need to add a carrier, please let us know, and we can get them set up for you.
  • Using our iPipeline tools, you can run Term, and GUL quotes with several of the carriers that we have. You can also use Forms Depot to download commonly used forms for the carriers that you use. You will need to set up an iPipeline User Account through our website. This will allow you to access all of the tools, save your client quotes, and submit applications electronically through iGo eApp.
  • Sign up for a FexToolKit account to get access to an all-in-one sales tool for final expense quoting and underwriting. Get the details and discount code below.

How to Access Ipipeline tools


Set Up Your iPipeline User Account

To access the iPipeline tools, you will need to create an individual user account the first time you access one of these tools, and then you will log in with those credentials each time after that. You can save the username and password in your browser so that you don’t need to enter them each time.

When you click on one of the iPipeline tools links, you will see the screen below. Your first time you will need to create a new account. Choose the link upper right NEW – sign up for an account and then follow the prompts to create your new account. It takes less than a minute.


New User Instructions

Once you complete your profile and create a password, you may log in to any of the iPipeline tools we offer with these credentials.

If you have any questions or issues, don’t hesitate to contact us here at the home office.

This upgrade will bring new capabilities to you as a producer.


iPipeline Forms Depot

Search, find and download applications and forms for most of our carriers.

Download Forms


iPipeline Term Life Quote Engine

Quick and easy tool that allows you to do rate comparisons on term life products for a number of different carriers.

Run Quotes


Product and Underwriting Info

Review product information and underwriting requirements for several of the carriers we do business with.

Get Product Info

FEXQUOTES final expense quote engine

Final Expense Underwriting and Quoting Thru FexToolKit


The All In One Final Expense Solution

FexToolKit is an all-in-one sales tool that provides final expense underwriting and quoting for agents. The tool works on any device and is mobile-friendly. You type in the medications and health conditions and the software will tell you which carriers to look at.

Get FexToolKit Today

Use onelife10 to save 10% on the monthly user fee or onelife5 to save $5.