Final Expense Leads Available at Niche Market Insurers

Final Expense Life Insurance Leads

Final Expense Life Insurance has been one of our main priorities in our first few years of existence and we have spent a ton of time developing the best lead sources for final expense leads. If you are a newer agent or a savvy veteran who specializes in final expense life insurance, we have the ability to keep you plenty busy with the mix of different final expense lead programs we have developed. Whether your preference is direct mail final expense leads, telemarketed final expense leads or some of our exclusive voicemail final expense leads, you can rest assured that your pipeline will always be full. All of our lead vendors have been properly vetted before we introduce them to our agents and we can show a proven track record for each of them.

One of the special advantages of doing business with Niche Market Insurers is that we also have exclusive pricing with all of our lead vendors with huge discounts that you won't find with any other insurance marketing organizations. We leverage our volume discounts collectively and pass the savings on to you.

Preferred Lead Vendors

At Niche Market Insurers, we are always looking for lead vendors that have excellent reputations in the insurance industry. One of our main focuses is to connect insurance producers with prospects that want more information about life insurance. Every lead vendor has been vetted by Niche Market Insurers before they are added to the list of vendors we do business with. We have many different lead types and they all differ in the way that they are generated.

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Final Expense Leads

Fixed Cost Final Expense Leads

Direct mail is still one of the best ways to work final expense leads today. You can get a steady flow of leads in the zip codes that you want to work. We now offer direct mail for final expense leads on a fixed cost basis.

What is the advantage of fixed cost direct mail leads?

The biggest advantage to a fixed cost program is that you know what you are paying for each lead.

How it works

The minimum order is 20. You can order on a one time basis or on a standing recurring order. You are responsible to purchase all additional leads...

Facebook Final Expense Leads

Get targeted leads using social media marketing through Facebook. Each campaign is designed specifically for you and prospective clients know that it is you that will be calling them. Each campaign is guaranteed to receive at least 20 leads and anything additional is delivered to you for free. Pricing is per campaign. Each campaign is $450.00. These leads are 100% exclusive to you.

  • Each campaign is specific to you the agent.
    • The landing page is specific to you the agent.
    • We send an email to the customer within 2 minutes of response.
    • We...
    Voice Mail Final Expense Leads.jpg

    Our partnership with VoiceLeads is our strongest with any of the current lead vendors that we have. Niche Market Insurers has been doing business with VoiceLeads since 2010. Voice Mail Final Expense Leads are some of the fastest generated lead in the industry. They are also arguably the most popular insurance lead as well due to the level of interest prospects show, the timeliness of receiving the leads and ease of setting appointments. A voice mail lead will be an audio message of a prospect...

    Verified Voice Mail Final Expense Leads.jpg

    Introducing a new final expense lead type from Voice Leads. Telemarketers conduct an interview with the prospect to determine their level of interest in receiving more information from an agent. First they are asked if they want more information on our life insurance products? If they respond yes then we gather their name, age, the amount of coverage they are looking for, their mailing address, date, time and who they want to name as their beneficiary and the relationship! Once the interview is completed they are...

    Hybrid Final Expense Leads.jpg

    Hybrid Final Expense Leads are a mix of telemarketed and voice mail leads. The call starts with a live telemarketer that asks the prospect if they are interested in listening to a short message about the new final expense and burial life insurance plans in their area. If they say "Yes" then the call is transferred into a prerecorded message that eventually ends up as a lead to you.

    Hybrid Final Expense Leads are always exclusive and never sold to another agent in your area. You can use area filters to generate these life insurance leads in your area by area code, zip code plus a...

    Diabetic Impaired Risk Voice Mail Final Expense Leads.jpg

    If you specialize in working the impaired risk life insurance market, then you will want to order a set of these leads. Diabetic Impaired Risk voice mail leads are exclusive to Niche Market Insurers agents. These leads are generated by one our preferred lead vendors, VoiceLeads, and we have designed a lead type that targets people with preexisting conditions.

    Keep in mind that not all of the leads you receive when ordering this lead type will have diabetes or another preexisting condition. You will get healthy prospects too! The minimum order for these leads is 10.

    Direct Mail Final Expense Leads.jpg

    Niche Market Insurers has negotiated a great price with Lead America, one of the nation's largest mail houses. Our most successful agents who use direct mail final expense leads order mail drops on a consistent basis to ensure a steady flow of leads in their target areas.

    Starting out with direct mail final expense leads can be a bit expensive because you will need to drop mail weekly or biweekly and this means you will have to make an upfront investment in yourself, but once your leads start flowing in you will have final expense leads in your targeted areas each week.


    Aged Direct Mail Final Expense Leads.jpg

    Place an order today for aged direct mail leads. We have a partnership with a large direct mail house that has thousands of B leads and C leads in their aged leads database.

    *B leads and C leads are aged leads that have been previously worked by an agent, but were never sold.

    • B Leads are leads that are typically less than a year old. They can be 30 days to 18 months old.
    • C Leads are leads that are typically older than 18 months.

    B Leads - C Leads

    B and C leads are an excellent way to get in front of more people at a reduced cost...

    Telemarketed Final Expense Leads

    Order your TFE telemarketed final expense leads today. These leads are generated by live telemarketers in your area. An order of 20 leads can take up to 7-14 business days to deliver.

    • Discounted to $15.00 per lead.
    • Minimum order is 20 leads.
    • Ages 40-80.
    • Leads are generated by county or zip codes.
    • These leads DO NOT include a voice file.
    • Leads are sold "As Is." Due to the extremely low pricing for these leads, there is no replacements.
    Consumer Data Lists.jpg

    Want to generate your own leads? We now have a partnership with USA Data giving you the ability to order Business, Consumer and Homeowners data lists. Data lists are an excellent way to get cheap filtered data. Ordering 1000 records is approximately $55.00 to $70.00 depending on the filters you choose.

    You can order consumer data lists for:

    • Final expense
    • General life insurance
    • Turning 65
    • Diabetics in household

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