Mortgage Protection Life Insurance Leads

If you are a mortgage protection specialist that wants to get in front of more client opportunities in your target market, Niche Market Insurers has the lead vendor partnerships for you. We have a wide variety of mortgage protection leads for every agent and every budget. Mortgage protection leads is one of the hottest leads being generated today. You have an environment where there are millions of refinances and new home sales and Americans are interested in protecting their largest purchase with life insurance. With our mortgage protection life insurance leads, the methods we are using are getting you into the house and in front of these clients up to 10-14 days sooner than your competition.

"Your identity can never be taken away - market yourself!"

Mortgage Protection Leads

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Fixed Cost Mortgage Protection Direct Mail Leads

Want to receive the freshest mortgage protection leads and know how many you are going to get each week? Agents working as a mortgage protection specialist with Niche Market Insurers can now order MP leads on a fixed cost basis. These leads are delivered directly to you the minute they are received back ensuring that you are getting in front the freshest set of prospects.

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Get fresh mortgage protection leads with direct mail. These leads target new homeowners and refinances. All mailers are sent out with first class return postage for faster return of leads.

*Returns can vary in different areas and are not guaranteed. Typical mailing returns are between 1% and 1.5% nationally.


Fresh mailers are $675 per thousand. You can receive a $25.00 discount per thousand for ordering 2000 pieces or more.

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Now Available! Phone Verified Mortgage Protection Voice Mail Leads through VoiceLeads. These leads are exclusive to Niche Market Insurers and available to anyone who is working in the Mortgage Protection Sales Program.

Leads are $40.00 each and the minimum order is 10. Order 20 or more and get them for $35.00 each.

Example Script Used:

  • Attention Homeowners, you can apply for a special benefit that pays the mortgage on your home and protects it against foreclosure and forced sale. If you have a mortgage, you can receive information on a low cost plan...
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Aged mortgage protection leads are now available for ordering. Aged leads provide an excellent way for you to reach a lot of potential consumers for a fraction of the cost of fresh mail leads. We have a huge inventory of B and C aged mortgage protection leads. These leads are available by county only.

  • B leads are leads that are 90 days - 9 months old.
  • C leads are leads that are 10 months - 21 months old.

The aged lead inventory is updated every month. To get the current counts in your area, please click the black "Help" button below and let us know the state...

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Want to generate your own leads? We now have a partnership with USA Data giving you the ability to order Business, Consumer and Homeowners data lists. Data lists are an excellent way to get cheap filtered data. Ordering 1000 records is approximately $55.00 - $70.00 depending on the filters you choose.

You can order consumer data lists for:

  • New Homeowners
  • Final expense
  • General life insurance
  • Turning 65
  • Diabetics in household