Facebook Final Expense Leads

Facebook Final Expense Leads

Get targeted leads using social media marketing through Facebook. Each campaign is designed specifically for you and prospective clients to know that it is you that will be calling them. Each campaign is guaranteed to receive at least 20 leads and anything additional is delivered to you for free. Pricing is per campaign. Each campaign is $450.00. These leads are 100% exclusive to you.

  • Each campaign is specific to you the agent.
    • The landing page is specific to you the agent.
    • We send an email to the customer within 2 minutes of response.
    • We send a text message to the customer within 5 minutes of response.
    • We run up to 250 ads specific to you.
    • We monitor your ads daily to ensure the best ROI for you.
    • We include Full Name, Email, Phone, Street Address, and Zip Code.
    • The customer is told via, email, text, landing page, & video you will contact them within 48hrs.
    • Your full name and phone number are used in all correspondence with the customer.
    • 100% Exclusive area & 100% Exclusive leads / customers.
    • Get as many leads as we can get you with 20 GUARANTEED for the price.
    • Start receiving leads within 24 to 36 hours.
    • We drip text & email the customers for you 14 days later (keeps them HOT ).
    • All customers are delivered to you within 2 minutes of response via Email & Google Sheets

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